Round Table: Pharma is paying a huge price by delaying on predictive maintenance.

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Panel Discussion On: Pharma is paying a huge price by delaying on predictive maintenance.


For decades, regulatory bodies like the FDA have created a culture of risk aversion. In response, pharma and medical product companies have designed maintenance programs that over-inspect and over-spend on equipment. Profit margins may allow for it, but there are significant downsides to this strategy, including safety risks, negative ESG impacts, avoidable costs, and low asset utilization. To understand the full impact of delaying the evolution of predictive maintenance, join Zach Gilula, Pharma Machine Health Lead at Augury and David Seignolle, VP, Head of Operations at Teva, for a roundtable discussion. .

They will explore how pharma and medical product companies can overcome their outdated cautiousness to:

  • Cut maintenance costs and deviation incidents
  • Reduce third-party dependencies
  • Gain greater control over your their manufacturing environments

04th April, 2023

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM EST/EDT

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Mr. David Seignolle

Advisory Board Member
Augury, Netherlands

David Seignolle has spent the last 6 years with Teva Pharmaceuticals where he held various Operations Leadership positions including: General Manager of Drug Manufacturing site, VP of Global Supply Chain and most recently as the Head of Operations for a network of 6 Drug Substance manufacturing sites. Prior to that, he worked 6 years as an Operations Management Consultant with McKinsey & Company after starting his career at Toyota. Most recently David has joined Bain & Company as an Expert Partner in Amsterdam where he focuses on Healthcare Operations.

Mr. Zach Gilula

Pharma Machine Health Lead
Augury, USA

Zach Gilula leads the Pharmaceutical, Life Sciences, and Medical Products team at Augury and has spent the last 10 years of his career in technology, engineering, and manufacturing. He has helped companies navigate moves from on-premise applications to the cloud and has supported digital transformation for companies around the world. He now focuses on Industry 4.0 capabilities, edge computing, industrial IIoT, AI/ML, and change management