Emerging Technologies and Trends within Clinical Trials

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Emerging Technologies and Trends within Clinical Trials


Triall is building towards the world’s first multi-sided platform for all clinical research professionals. Applying an enterprise-grade blockchain infrastructure, Triall will host a series of modular eClinical solutions that directly tailor to identified pain points that make clinical operations overly complex, lengthy, and resource-inefficient. Triall’s first deliverable: a blockchain-integrated eTMF.

10th November, 2021

Wednesday, 02.00 PM IST - 03.00 PM IST

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Hadil Es-Sbai

Co-founder and CEO, Triall

Hadil majored in analytical chemistry at the VU University Amsterdam,the Netherlands. He has a background of 20+ years in clinical development and assumed several roles within the pharmaceutical and clinical contract research industries. He became an entrepreneur in 2006 and has since combined several functions that are all related to business development and innovation in the pharmaceutical and clinical domain.